Our structured approach to website design and development ensures that the end product matches your needs and provides your audience with the information they want.

We follow a six step process while developing every website:

1). Discovery

From the moment you complete our online quote form to the moment our quote lands in your email, we’ll be gathering as much information as possible about your business, your target audience, your goals and, your competitors.

2). Proposal

We will put together a thorough proposal based upon the information we have gathered during the discovery phase. The proposal will outline all the services included, what content management modules we believe will suit your needs, plus any additional features we recommmend.

3). Design

Once you give us the thumbs up, we will start to develop a design concept based on proposal. Once complete, the design concept will be uploaded to our server for you to view and critique. Any requested changes will be made and the revised design will be uploaded for your review.

4). Development

When you give us the green light on the design concept, that’s when the real work begins. We will take the concept you approved and turn it into reality. Throughout the development process, you will have access to our testing server to view progress and provide feedback.

5). Testing

We will thouroughly test the site to ensure that it performs flawlessly across all major browsers. At this point, you will also be able to fully test the site to make sure everything works the way you expected.

6). Deployment

It’s time to go live and show your shiny new website to the world. We will upload your site to your server – either provided by us, or by your choice of hosting provider. We will then set about submitting your site to the major search engines, social bookmarking and social networking sites, ensuring your site gets noticed as quickly as possible.