Cloudware Services is a Website design company in Panipat. It provides a range of tailored and sophisticated hosting and email services for the web sites developed by us.

24 Hour Monitoring

We actively monitor all of our hosting services constantly so we know immediately if a service fails. The system is monitored 24/7 by an external network to report on any problems. The engineers and programmers that developed your web site are on site and on call 24 hours a day to guarantee you the reliability your business requires.

Most companies rely on you complaining when your web site or part of it becomes unavailable, obviously a problem if your site goes down during the evening or early morning. In some case, it is not the whole web site that fails, only a particular application. With a call center you ring, get a fault number and hope that someone gets around to looking at the issue. We actively monitor critical parts of your server and our hosting facility and network to recover any problem before you even notice.

Sophisticated Hosting

We specialize in sophisticated set-ups and hosting over multiple machines for various applications. In some instances, multiple dedicated servers are required for specific applications, which can make the projects uneconomic. However, we can tailor-build solutions to give you low start up costs for sophisticated applications.

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